Founder’s Message


Mwesige Ahmed Sulyman, is the founder and team leader of the Potter’s Heart Child Foundation. He grew up a vulnerable child with no parental care and love, dropped out of school in his early years of primary education due to lack of school fees, but he remained focused and never lost hope in life. He struggled to survive in a hard way and saved money to support his education 20 years later out of school. He has a bachelor’s degree of Social work and social administration and a number of certificates in child protection and gender issues. Ahmed has a big heart helping suffering children and most at risk youths and their families; to him helping is a special vocation and a reason for him to live..!!

His life is made up of decisions that he make on a daily basis. He has discovered that deciding to follow projects that has no clear guarantee of success are often the most rewarding. The Potter’s Heart Child Foundation was certainly not the result of a master plan, the organization actually began step by step, working with families of OVC and most at risk youths, and often it was not clear what the outcome would be. He tried to help – in a level-headed and careful way but always with a passion for the suffering children and their families with a view to the long term.

Ahmed concentrated on those things that were generating success, and he tried to make them even better. Together with his colleagues, they are grateful and yet still constantly surprised at the incredible contacts that the organization has generated, and what incredible things it has managed to achieve. Above all he is amazed that in such a short space of time, the Potter’s Heart Child Foundation has grown to become such a strong and healthy organization in the community.

Ahmed is a team player, an experienced Community mobilizer and a child rights activist who shares practical experience gleaned from several years of combating child abuse and helping the process of local child fostering in the drive to scale down numbers of children living in institutional care facilities. He has gained vast experience in community entry and mobilization methodologies and non-traditional tools have been put to use.


“It’s Not the Years in Your Life That Count. It’s the Life in Your Years”. Abraham Lincoln.