The Potter's Heart Child Foundation.

Adolescence contributes new vulnerabilities to human rights abuses, particularly in the arenas of sexuality, marriage and childbearing. PHCF provides support to girls coerced into unwanted sex, unsafe abortions, and sexually transmitted infections. PHCF works with its patterns to advocate for efficient delivery of holistic youth health care package of services including universal access to accurate sexual and reproductive health information, counseling prevention and management of STI. PHCF has a strong referral system from communities to facilities and between facilities, and through the establishment of outreach services


PHCF Conducts field outreaches for information sharing on HIV/AIDS and other risky sexual behaviors such as safe unsafe sexual practices and Condom use education. PHCF also conducts referrals and follow-ups for HIV/AIDs and other harm reduction services for children and young people Sexual reproductive health and HIV&AIDS services.



PHCF works in collaboration with humanitarian organizations and other stakeholders to support the scale up of comprehensive evidence based HIV prevention and SRH through community engagement. This project focuses on the Most at Risk youth with an aim to contribute to the reduction in new HIV infections among disadvantaged women and most at risk youth – out of – school. Majority of Youth people are at risk for unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including HIV. We do comprehensive sexuality education and create awareness on access to contraception by most at risk youth