The Potters Heart Child Foundation (PHCF) is a non-governmental organization founded by a group of committed social workers in Wakiso district in 2013 to respond to the plight faced by children and the most at risk youths.  The organization initially started as a volunteers group of Social Workersin 2012 and grew into a non – governmental organization registered No. S. 5914/11075.The formation of PHCF is in line with the ideology of Strengthening AfricanFamilies. ‘SAFe’ in a call for change focused at ensuring that the children and most at risk youths are in safe happy and healthy families which should be a priority for all of us.


PHCF intends to bring on surface the role of family and community in the life of OVC and most at risk youth by influencing the use of expected parental style applicable to the child’s growth and development as a fully empowered person.We strive to build and restore confidence in society with a thrust to address the socio – economic status of families with OVC and most at risk youths through parenting support.


We identify vulnerable families, link them to support and ensure that the required support has been provided.


Our core thematic interventions include the following:-

  1. Family strengthening through livelihood, community mobilization and empowerment
  2. Sexual Reproductive Health  and HIV program
  3. Child protection and Psychosocial support


PHCF Vision

A society where every Orphan and other Vulnerable Children and most at risk youth attain the right for education, survival and development


PHCF Mission

To support education for Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, and most at risk youths and promote families to participate in valuing, protecting, and advancing the worth and rights of children


PHCF Core Values

Love, Care, Compassion, Teamwork, Integrity and Accountability


Our theory of change

PHCF is building a society where social and economic wellbeing of families of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children and most at risk youth are prioritized to make them enjoy a harmonious and productive life.



PHCF Objectives


The general aim of PHCF:-

  • To promote observance of the rights of Orphans and other Vulnerable Children and most at risk youth and ensure that they are assisted through formal and non-formal education to reach their full potential.
  • To set up vocational training centers to enable Orphans and other Vulnerable Children and most at risk youth access affordable quality hands on skills for survival for their betterment.
  • To provide psychosocial support and basic care, career guidance development to youths at all levels.
  • To strengthen families through parenting skills and livelihood programs so as to increase on their income and improve on child care and protection.
  • To create community health awareness campaigns on HIV/AIDS and SRH care and support among OVC and most at risk youth.
  • To act as a gateway to the communities through which many projects will be initiated and managed by the community itself – “community empowerment”.